At Webefinity, we know that as a business you probably don't have the time to understand everything that is possible with technology today, mobile or web-based.

That is where we can help. Our focus is on improving outcomes for business using technology, and our services are aimed specifically at getting you onto the web.

Our Services include:

Custom Site Design

Whether you want a simple brochure site, or a full shopping cart, we can build it for you. Our process in doing so is to:

  • Work with you to understand the features you want from your site design
  • Design the look-and-feel of your site, the graphics and much of the content
  • Quote for the production of your site - our quotation will be fixed price, and fixed duration
  • Implement your site

As our platform is our own, you will have some choices when it comes to where your site is hosted. It can be:

  • In our cloud, along with our own and our customers' sites
  • On a dedicated or virtual server
  • On shared hosting with a third-party hosting service

All for a fixed monthly cost. Don't worry, we can help you choose.

Visit to see our site designer. From the moment we hand your site over, you can manage the content, add new stuff, blog on your site, host a forum, and anything else that CubeBuild does at no extra cost to you.

And, hey, if you are a designer at heart, contact us to find out how we can help you build your own site yourself, your way.

Application Development

Our platform makes it very easy to build extensions, so if you need specific capabilities, we would be happy to build them into CubeBuild. 

Because our platform already supports everything your site needs, we only need to build the bits you need, minimizing your cost.

We will:

  • Ensure you need a custom application developed
  • Understand your requirements
  • Provide you with a simple quotation

Like the CubeBuild Platform but have your own team?  You can license the platform from us, receive new features we develop, and we will teach your team how to quickly build applications on CubeBuild.


At Webefinity, we use the following techniques and technologies:

  • Agile and iterative software development process
  • Lightweight requirements management
  • Cloud-based solutions, including version control and change management
  • Cloud-based hosting and management of solutions
  • Web design and solution architecture

We, too, are a startup organisation, and have lots of experience structuring organisations to protect the members of the team. If you need advice on starting your organisation, we can help there too.

Requirements Analysis

Is your project:

  • Costing too much?
  • Taking too long?
  • Not giving you what you thought you asked for?

We can help by improving your requirements. Having worked with organisations small and large on their requirements, our ability to understand business needs and our technical experience allows us to assess both sides of the problem.

Wanting to try Agile or want to know more about Use Cases? Our partner elabor8 has a training programme to get you started.

Moving to Cloud Solutions

Need to understand what the Cloud can mean to your business? Talk to us, we help our customers assess Cloud services and have quite a number we trust.

Choosing and integrating a cloud service into your business can be a challenge and we can help!